Nat Coalson - Roman Baths - Nat Coalson Photographic Arts

Nat Coalson Photographic Arts

Will O’ the Wisp

The images in this series were created using a technique called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). Using extended exposure times, I move the camera while the shutter is open, which creates a dragging effect as the incoming light streaks across the camera sensor. ICM results are highly variable; it can be hard fully visualise the outcome so there is certainly a lot of trial-and-error involved and an element of luck. Even so, certain scenes and situations do work better with this technique than others. I've been producing ICM images for many years and have learned to identify—or engineer—circumstances which are likely to produce pleasing results. The abstract photographs you see here were made from a wide variety of subjects in range of locations around the world. As a long-term project, my intention with this series is to create images with structural definition and a feeling of grace, maybe even approaching ‘visual poetry’.


Nat Coalson - Roman Baths - Nat Coalson Photographic Arts